The world is 16 years into the “Asian Century”… ATS has been there 36+

Joseph Harari


The ATSGlobal Group was formed at the turn of the millennium by Mr. Allan Harari to provide a single corporate banner for the efficient integration of diverse commercial interests and connections. Mr. Harari has over 37 entrepreneurial years of experience creating and managing international trading partnerships and joint venture companies.

American Trade Sales, Inc., the core company of the ATSGlobal Group, was founded over 60 years ago by Mr. Joseph Harari to trade and ship agricultural commodities globally. In a spirit of partnership, he forged strong bonds of service and trust throughout Europe, South America, South East Asia and Africa which continue to generate new opportunities today.

Since 1952, ATS has maintained on-going business activities which have, over the last decade, become specialized in the explosive Asian markets. Between 1986 – 1997, when the Asian currency crisis disrupted trading activity, ATS annual sales grew from US$500,000 to over US$100,000,000 as the company shifted its focus from maritime services to dry bulk commodity sales and product distribution.

The 1997 Asian economic crisis shifted ATS’s focus to corporate restructuring as both public and private sector concerns sought our Asian and Indonesian expertise. These projects led to direct investments in agri-business processing operations.

Today, ATSGlobal continues to build relationships between its world class associates and the next generation of technologically current and traditionally grounded entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

ATS has affiliates/representative offices in Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zagreb, Vienna, Kiev, Moscow, Amman, Zurich, Paris, London, Montreal, Sao Paulo and Melbourne.


Allan Harari