Many C-level executives with remarkable track records and soaring levels of expertise still rely on a brain trust, a trusted friend or a team of experts, when launching new products or entering new markets.

A single confidant without ambition who offers disinterested advice can play a vital role within the corporate leadership and bring the gravitas of an elder statesman on behalf of and Exec at preliminary or exploratory meetings.

ATS advisory services are not focused on securing hit-and-run engagements that collate information provided by their client into a spiffy report that looks good on the conference table.

We limit our engagements to assignments that allow us to make a contribution to completion of a deal. Our success is not measured by our fees but by getting things done. “Been there, done that” is not a measure of boredom but a confirmation of experience – especially the “done that” part.   That’s our 36+ years of experience at work both inside and outside the c-level management structure.  We are not afraid to say “no” to insure the successful realization of a plan. We will take you there.



Financial Communications

Who’s telling your story?

Who is proactively developing that compelling narrative?

Managing investor and analyst expectations requires a deep understanding of local markets. Horrors in one market are opportunities in another. Open and timely, transparent and complete, attending to your targeted audience protects your company’s reputation so vital the managing the costs of money.

ATS has teams of seasoned professionals in New York and London and Singapore who maintain close relationships with their respective financial community. Apart from being your front line of defense, they are also a source of market intel. Communication is a dialogue between two people who speak the same language and use the same jargon – it goes both ways.  We will take you there.