Strategic Partnerships / M&A

Who is your partner?
Properly positioning your business in a foreign market provides great opportunities to grow profits. Understanding local market ways and means is essential. A local partner in a local market can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability.  Finding the right partner requires an intimate understanding of both sides.

ATS has grown by creating partnerships.  We identify and pre-qualify suitors. We arrange introductions and provide background information to avoid awkward moments.  We find you the right partner. We will get you there.


USA & International Real Estate

The Commercial and Residential markets are populated with brokers, attorneys, bankers, developers, contractors and a host of other specialized players.  International real estate transaction require a global reach and a local perspective. We will take you there.


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

FDI is a long term commitment to expand your company’s global footprint by investing in another company, in another country, in another market where your business model requires a significant degree of hands-on control over the foreign entity.  The entity can be a subsidiary, an associate company or a new venture.

The investment is a typically strategic means of expeditiously gaining advantage in another market’s growth prospects.

ATS has the experience to structure deals ranging from a variety national infrastructure projects to distribution partnerships to manufacturing alliances.  Our services include identifying potential investments, make initial approaches to prospective partners, evaluating opportunities, negotiating acquisition terms, managing the deal process, arranging alternative funding sources – we will take you there.


Portfolio Intel

Hedge Funds, Portfolio Managers, Emerging Market Groups all scour the internet for intel on markets and companies sometimes finding the needle in the haystack, most times finding the herd.  Maybe they reach out to management; maybe they find someone who knows what’s going on who can explain it in English. Maybe they move on passing over a great investment opportunity.

Don’t end up with a missed opportunity. We will take you there.