The global market place for finished goods still requires a great distribution network and a great local presence. In the United States, ATS provides off-shore manufacturers with a valuable local presence. That means relationships, local market intel about product & packaging regulations, competitors, distribution channels, distribution options, logistics and local business practice. That local presence is your on-the-ground eyes and ears.

Internationally, ATS provides U.S. manufacturers with a bridge to markets in multiple countries in Europe, South America and SE Asia. Our network is made up of colleagues we, or our clients, have done business with before. ATS offers the same level of local expertise in the global marketplace that saves you time and money.





Your sales team typically provides your client with their first face-to-face impression of you, your company and your product. It doesn’t matter if you refer to your sales team members as reps, agents, salespeople or “my guys”.  They must know the lingo and jargon of your product, your terms, and your specs. They have to close the contract.

Consumers always have an alternative. Your sales force can make or break your sale regardless of brand recognition or marketing budget. ATS creates sales; we will take you there.




The commodities markets are replete with big fish stories of overnight fortunes made and lost. That’s not our game. ATS trades physicals. If you need bulk sugar, ATS delivers bulk sugar. If you need flax seed, ATS delivers flax seed. If you need petrochemicals, ATS delivers petrochemicals. If you need acrylic, ATS delivers acrylic. It’s that simple.

If you are looking for alternative raw material sources or if you are a producer looking for new markets for your commodities, we will take you there.




Want to know what’s going on? Read the shipping news; talk to the milkman. It wasn’t that long ago that people would crowd the docks waiting for the arrival of a ship they had read about in the morning papers berthing with goods and news from abroad.

It won’t be that long before people will be waiting for the arrival of a drone they read about in the morning email to berth at their doorstep with goods and packages.

Logistics reveal the underlying fundamentals of our economy and our lives. Companies make or lose sales and profits because of poorly anticipated logistic challenges. We can help.



If ATS, doesn’t cover your industry or product, we’ll get you someone who does. No charge. Let us know which market your product sells into and we will take you there.