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Response to our initial e-vite for the U.S.-Indonesia Women’s CEO Summit in Washington D.C. on October 11th 2017 has been immediate and enthusiastic. The growing list of C-Suite attendees from Indonesia and the U.S. is impressive.
BTW – the event is not just for women and a delegation of Indonesian mostly male CEO’s have joined the group and will participate as well. 
The WCEO Summit provide a rare opportunity to network with top business persons from Indonesia as well as the US with the bonus of hearing a major economic address from Indonesia’s world-class finance minister, Dr. Sri Mulyani Indrawati.  President Jokowi is committed to an ambitious $180 billion infrastructure program designed to lower logistics costs, catalyze an increase in manufacturing, and bring about 7% GDP growth.   Sri Mulyani’s leadership will be key to its success.
Come hear how social roles are changing in the world’s largest Muslim country with a population of 260 million people and median age of 28.6 years old.  Meet potential business partners during and after the workshops, gain greater insights into Indonesian and global issues such as protectionism, terrorism, China, and of course, women in the workforce. Forward this email to your associates and register today.